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Lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione e assemblaggio di componenti meccanici
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Precision machining of mechanical components
In Busano, at 20 chilometers from Torino
Precision machining and assembling of
mechanical components
Bertot Silvio stands out in the production of mechanical components, also guaranteeing the assembly of parts and assemblies and the mechanical processing in subcontracting.
All while guaranteeing the utmost attention to the QUALITY of both raw materials and the tolerances required in the finished products.
The company produces different typology of specific mechanical parts on the domestic and foreign market for the following sectors:
- Agriculture (tractors, harvesters…)
- Trucks, automotives
- Railways
- Operating machinery
- Cable cars, chair lifts, funiculars
- Spare parts

During these years the company has worked mainly for:

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